Valentine with Lollieup…


Wild love, free love, deep love,

What kind of love do you give?

Lollieup presents the taste of Valentine to you, ROSAMUNDE, celebrating the flavours of cranberry, pear, rosemary and some hints of dark chocolate.

Get close to friends and beloved ones by sharing this cocktail and toasting on a new time ahead, a new year together.

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 What is Lollieup?

Lollie Up Le Cocktail Experience is a food fashion fun experience for every fun occasion. Dip your lollie into your cocktail to add extra herbs, vitamins and flavours. What about cardamom-vanilla, for that extra dose of health. Or gember-chili, with a hot taste? Try our Golden Time, our Amelie or go for the lovely Rosemary Stout, our Valentine edition. You can mix your drink, alcohol and non-alchohol and turn your cocktail into a lovely personal mix!

Ideal for a wedding, a party, or at any occasion you want to celebrate something special!



Rosemary Stout is a cocktail of stout beer with a lollie of cranberry, pear, rosemary, caramel and a hint of dark chocolate. Show your love at Valentine’s day!

Dip your delicious lollipop into Stout beer, or make a non-alcohol cocktail with mineral water or tonic water. Dip and lick and have the treat melt on your tongue AND in your glass!


INULINE; natural fibers instead of sugar

Our lollies are produced manually, using the best natural ingredients. We produce with 30% less sugar, by using inuline, or chicory root, that has a natural origin and even serves your health! The European food guidelines recommend 25grams of inuline per day, to keep your sugar levels on a healthy scale. You also find inuline in fruit, like in bananas. So we are doing anything to improve this sweet!

COCKTAILS with character

Lollieup is is a cocktail experience for any occasion, that you want to celebrate at. Events, parties, your personal birthday moment, just mix your favourite drink and add a new taste to it by dipping your lollie. If you want to serve Lollieupcocktails in style, our Ladies will be able to serve you in the best way. With compliments, interactive stories and an excellent servide during your event. Or…just order a box and serve yourself!


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We believe in the art of luxury, and how that creates impact on peoples lives. We believe in the flux of joy and pleasure, to bring good things to others and to inspire them with new ideas. Lollieup was born in a cafe, while improvising together with friends. We learnt that our idea to dip a lolly in a drink, was actually very tasteful and then we started to experiment! You can always add to our ideas by sending us your idea of a great lolly recipe!



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